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Laptop Upgradation

If your laptop is operating slowly and having serious trouble performing standard tasks, it's most likely time to get your laptop optimized. Over time, laptops become burdened with hard drive fragmentations and registry errors, and they simply may not be correctly optimized to run the programs you need to use on a daily basis.
Mr Infotech Laptop optimization service focuses on diagnosing and fine tuning your laptop. This often includes initially removing preloaded software that is simply taking up disk space and forcing your Operating System to run services that you don't need. Additional registry repair and hard drive defragmentation help recover disk space and amend erroneous laptop settings, reduced loading times while maximizing performance stability.
Since we also authorized by brand name laptop companies, we can provide your laptop with the latest first party updates, which help improve networking, fix audio/visual errors and keep your data free from viruses. By optimizing the OS, repairing the registry and hard drive, and fine tuning hardware settings, we can get the best performance out of your laptop again.MR Infotech are here to serve you round the clock.

We Upgrade such Components.

  • Processor Upgradation.
  • Ram addition.
  • DVD Writer Upgradation.
  • camera Upgradation
  • Graphi card addition
laptop Service center in trichy


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When we started MR Infotech we hoped to accomplish one major goal. We wanted to be the leader in providing technical expertise in combination with comprehensive support. Once given the opportunity to provide businesses with those things we would become the leaders in providing direct solutions to clients across the globe.

Laptop Service center in Trichy

90 Days Warranty

we Mr Infotech provide 90 days of warrenty for all service we done.

Laptop Service center in Trichy

Complimentary Diagnosis

We Mr Infotech Provide free of cost diagnosis for all product we repair.

Laptop Service center in Trichy
Laptop Service center in Trichy

High End Customer Service

We are leading Laptop service center in trichy,we support leading corporate companies in their trouble they facing into computer products.

Laptop Service Center in Trichy

Professional Technicians

Our professionally trained Laptop technicians have a very good knowledge in all range of laptops, our skilled technicians can able to perform component level services for all range of laptop motherboards.

Laptop Servic center in trichy

Do you want to repair your Laptop ?

Any Problem! Any Brand! We can resolve it just make a call and forget it, We can fix it.